A dance team rookie with an attitude en pointe: Cedar Park High School Sophomore Gwenevere Tharp has a stance for success as this week’s Fine Arts Student of the Week.

In her first year on the Celebrities Dance/Drill Team, Gwenevere shows a dedication like none other. She strives to improve her dance technique and performance quality by leaps and bounds. But, not for herself alone; she wants to see the whole squad positioned for success.

“We are so proud of her,” CPHS Dance/Drill Team Director Nikki Evans said. “She has an extremely strong work ethic and desire to grow as a dancer, leader and young woman.”

And, the show doesn’t stop there. From her classmates to the campus, Gwenevere provides a foundation of caring and passion.

Take a bow, Gwenevere! You’ve found your groove as LISD’s Fine Arts Student of the Week. Congratulations!