A River Ridge Elementary first-grader is getting the royal treatment for her kind and humble heart. This week’s Super Kid, Myreen Zaidi’s brilliance sparkles in her integrity.

Through the smallest gestures, Myreen shows care and compassion. Whether it’s helping someone clean out their desk, getting a jacket for a friend, opening a lunchbox, finding a lost piece of homework or sharpening a pencil, she’s so much more than a helpful hand. The definition of integrity–doing the right thing, even when no one is watching–truly defines Myreen.

“In my 20+ years of teaching, I have never met a kinder child,” River Ridge first-grade teacher Katie Haedge said. “I call her ‘Queen Myreen’ because she has such integrity, and everyone loves her because they see her shine in all that she does!” 

Lest we not forget such character and class is coming from a first-grader, Myreen is setting an example of servant leadership for older students and throughout the River Ridge community.

We hereby decree a crown of glory for LISD’s Super Kid Myreen Zaidi! The pomp and circumstance is so richly deserved.