Summertime is bringing more than just the sunshine. We have a couple more episodes of Let’s Learn with Bruce & Friends before we say curtains to our inaugural season!

At the start of the show, Superintendent Bruce Gearing Ed.D. boldly made a statement against racism in light of the murders of George Floyd and others and the ensuing search for justice that followed.

Statement on Racism

Our Hot Topics include lots of “learning”. Chief Academic Officer Matt Bentz teaches us about Virtual Empowered Learning as we continue to look at ways to open campuses for the fall. Elementary Curriculum Executive Director Jennifer Collins gives us options available for Summer Learning. With a focus on Professional Learning, Instruction & Professional Learning Executive Director Susan Cole tells us what staff can expect for 2020-21. These questions and more rounded out our Hot Topics!

We had a unique look inside Reed Elementary School’s cafeteria where Child Nutrition Services handed out the final meals for the regular school year before transitioning to its summer feed program. Without skipping a beat, CNS workers are back at it until the end of July, providing nutritious meals for children from 11:30a – 1:30p at:

  • Reed Elementary
  • Running Brushy Middle School
  • River Ridge Elementary

After some fantastic questions from our brilliant and passionate families, we enjoyed a sweet story time from District Nurse Cristin Wicketts and others campus nurses reading, “Coronavirus: A Book For Children.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a part of the production team, I think it’s appropriate to share that we like to give each episode a theme. This week’s revolved around some of our “essential” workers — nurses and child nutrition service workers. We hope you can see how each and every student is “essential” to their work’s purpose and passion. We are #1LISD. Overall, Episode 11 was an emotional roller coaster. We offered a few chuckles off the top, and then Dr. Gearing struck at the very heart of our position on racism. Yet, we still stayed true to our mission of informing and answering your questions. Since your the best judge, you can see for yourself.



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