Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Team: Christine Hoffman (Assistant Principal), Kayla Sedlack (Art Teacher), Lorri Boyd (Performing Arts Teacher), Jeff Stokes (PE Teacher), Amy Colicher (Librarian), Kristin Wilson (Counselor)

Campus/Department: Faubion Elementary Virtual Announcement Team

Component of the Leander Way: Create

In looking for ways to connect more with our students and community members, while bringing a sense of normalcy to our students’ daily school routine despite our remote learning practices, this group of staff members took on the role of creating daily virtual announcements to brighten our students’ day!! They not only provide school news, but also maintain our practice of celebrating our students and create ways to showcase their talents and creativity each day! We have heard such positive feedback from this process!

I feel that this group creates that passion for our students to engage in not only school work but connect with our school family in other creative ways.

I am so honored to work with such dedicated educators who are committed to connecting with our students in creative, virtual ways to provide them a sense of normalcy despite these challenging times. We want our students to know how much we love and miss them, and by creating these daily virtual announcements, this team is able to remind our students how much we care about them and are here to support them in any way we can!

-Donna LeJeune, Faubion Elementary Principal