This is an ongoing issue and response by Leander ISD. As we continue to get new information and make new decisions, the content of this article may be outdated. Please visit our COVID-19 webpage for the most up-to-date news and announcements.

As we enter Spring Break (March 16–20, 2020), we are still working with our public health agencies regarding decisions in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please review the following update to our response. For more information and resources, please visit our webpage.

We currently do not have any positive or presumptive positive cases in Leander ISD. Our local health departments will notify us if we have any students or staff who test positive for COVID-19. The Austin Public Health Department currently has Austin-Travis County listed in Phase 3 of its response plan, meaning we have a confirmed case in the area, but it was not the result of community spread.

We are closing access to district facilities effective Sunday, March 15, including all outside rentals. We will continue to host YMCA for their daycare program at Reed Elementary School. As part of this decision, non-essential staff and students should not be in our buildings or schools the week of March 16–22. We will host events and activities this evening and Saturday, including SAT testing, as scheduled.

At this time, we are planning to re-open schools to students on Tuesday, March 24, as planned. Teachers and staff return the day prior, Monday, March 23, which is a non-instructional day for students.

On-Going Communication

During Spring Break, we will provide daily updates (Monday thru Friday) by noon, to our families. We will share updates via our COVID webpage, email and text messaging. We will notify families immediately if we make a decision to close schools or cancel large district events with as much notice as possible, using email, text messaging and phone calls.

Please review your SchoolMessenger account notification settings

District Events

We will adhere to the recommendations of our public health agencies with regard to canceling school days or events. We are utilizing this decision-making chart published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) when considering changes.  

We understand our schools are places where learning and community engagement extend outside of our classrooms and school days.

If you or your student are involved in a specific event, team, or group, please make sure you continue to keep connected with the coach, sponsor, or teacher leading that group as outside organizations may cancel their events. 

Student Services If Schools Close*

While we expect to be open, we are planning for various school closure scenarios. In the case of a short-term school closure, we will provide the following services to all Leander ISD students:

  • access to learning tools and instructional materials; and
  • breakfast and lunch service on scheduled school days for all LISD students; service will occur at three designated sites (Bagdad Elementary School, Reed Elementary School, River Place Elementary Schooland Running Brushy Middle School). 

In the event of a closure, our Teaching and Learning team will provide resources and guidance to support elementary and secondary teachers/teams as they make decisions regarding practice and reinforcing current learning. We will use traditional and digital resources that are already available to students and teachers. In the event of a long-term closure, we will work to provide more materials and access points to ongoing learning.

We will share those resources, plans, and materials directly with principals and teachers when appropriate. Our Special Programs teams are working to develop individualized learning opportunities and support for our students receiving services.

* The original release indicated we would only have three sites open for food service. That has since been updated to include River Place Elementary School.

Plans for Staff If Schools Close

In the event of a closure, we will:

  • continue to pay employees so no one misses a paycheck;
  • identify employees needed to provide services during a closure; 
  • provide premium pay to identified non-exempt employees who work during closures; and 
  • have exempt staff working from home during their contract calendars. 

Direct supervisors will be contacting their teams about an employee’s role and responsibilities in case of a closure. Please be prepared to work if your supervisor notifies you. Please bring your devices home during Spring Break.

When We Return to School

When we return to school, we want to encourage students and staff who are ill to stay home. All students who are absent as a result of COVID-19 can receive a district-excused absence. At this time, we are asking staff to continue their normal protocols and procedures for reporting absences.