Kenzie Mobley is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

Kenzie is a second grade student at Naumann Elementary. She stands out to her teacher, Megan Fowler, as a student who demonstrates incredible thoughtfulness and concern for others.

One day during math, one of Kenzie’s classmates was having a hard day. He didn’t want to play a math game with the rest of the class and decided to sit out. Kenzie’s teacher was working with this student and encouraged him to ask a group if he could join them.

Kenzie noticed the situation and said to her classmate, “Hey! Can you come be in our group? We really want to play with you!”

Not only did her classmate feel included and wanted, but it turned his entire day around.

“Kenzie is extremely caring and kind to everyone in our class,” Megan Fowler said. “She always makes sure that everyone is included and cared for. Kenzie is a natural born leader. She is always kind and doing the right thing even if no one is watching!”

In addition to being a great classmate, Kenzie also loves being a big sister, sketching in her sketchbook and the Warriors basketball team.