Recognizing Leander ISD Volunteer of the Week Gabrielle Riddell helps us show appreciation for someone who helps make teachers feel appreciated! 

Gabrielle supports Cox Elementary as its volunteer coordinator. Remote learning has kept her busy, working twice as hard to ensure the school acknowledged every teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week. She coordinated and contacted all homeroom parents, establishing a plan to celebrate every teacher. Despite being busy with her own children, Gabrielle went above and beyond!

“This truly means a lot!” Cox Elementary principal Charlie Rodriguez said. “Gabrielle is always smiling, willing to support us and makes sure that we are taken care of. I am really amazed at how she coordinated Teacher Appreciation Week remotely to assure our teachers know how important they are to us. Thank you, Mrs. Riddell for all that you do!”

Three cheers for LISD Volunteer of the Week Gabrielle Riddell who goes out of her way to make sure every teacher has a brighter day!