This is an ongoing issue and response by Leander ISD. As we continue to get new information and make new decisions, the content of this article may be outdated. Please visit our COVID-19 webpage for the most up-to-date news and announcements.

Extended Chromebook Distribution for Elementary Students April 15 and 16

We will offer an extended distribution of Chromebook laptops to elementary students (grades PreK–5) who have limited or no access to a device at their homes.   

If you have a Leander ISD elementary school student in your family and he or she needs a device (if you were unable to pick up a device on April 7–9), please visit us at one of the following locations from 3:30–6 p.m. on Wednesday or Thursday (April 15 or 16). Devices are available for all elementary students.

We installed content filtering on the devices in order to keep students safe while online and to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). These devices are on loan from Leander ISD to provide learning opportunities for all students and are expected to be returned in the future. 

To create the safest environment possible for our families and our employees, please pay close attention to our device pick-up procedures (click here to watch a video demonstration):

  • One or two lanes will be open at each campus for parents to drive through to pick up needed laptops. 
    • When you drive up, please have a driver’s License or another form of ID ready
    • On a piece of paper on your dashboard, please have the information as shown below:

Three Internet Service Providers (ISP) are providing free, trial internet to homes who may not have access. Please use the COVID19 Technology Support page to seek help as needed. You can submit a Technology Help Ticket at or call us at 512-570-0566. 

Message from Board President Trish Bode

The district continues to do an outstanding job balancing focus on student well-being and learning for unprecedented events now during COVID-19 and for when we go back to a “new” normal when our campuses and community spring back to life. The community can expect to see that focus during Board meetings as well. 

Our ultimate focus continues to be student well-being and the provision of excellent educational services.

We will discuss possible action items on things like hiring staff, budgeting, and COVID-19 updates. The Board will also begin hearing presentations from the district on our budget as we plan for the 2020-2021 School Year. 

We will pick back up where we left off on Items we were discussing before the COVID-19 response, like zoning, hazardous routes, and bell schedules. To keep moving our district forward, the Board will need to discuss and consider action for these topics starting in May so that as campuses spring back to life, the community and district staff can plan accordingly.

The participation of the Leander ISD community and support is appreciated. As such, the Board will continue to encourage the community to participate by watching us online or commenting during citizens’ comments. The Board heard from several community members during its last meeting – so we know it works!  

Finally, I would like to say how honored I am to serve in this awesome community. Parents have had to adopt new roles and balance communications coming from every direction; the district has excelled reaching the community and informing them what next steps will look like; staff has gone above and beyond including deliberate immediate planning, cleaning facilities, delivering meals, and passing out laptops for our students; cabinet and principals have been deliberate as they move information forward to key stakeholders and bridge any gaps, and STUDENTS AND TEACHERS, YOU ASTOUND ME! 

Teachers have had to re-tool their instructional methods with very little time and have done so with a smile. Students are being asked to participate in learning in new and possibly challenging formats. Students and teachers may not be experiencing the end of the school year they anticipated but they obviously are not letting that stop them as they forge ahead and create very powerful learning moments.