Trustees discussed adjustments and additional implications for a zoning change to schools for the 2020-21 school year and the opening of Danielson Middle School.

As they continue to consider a final plan, Trustees asked for details on financial impact for school enrollments exceeding and below the building capacity. The administration presented feedback from over 400 community members through online forms and two community meetings on the most recent plan for the zoning change, scenario D. A summary of those comments can be found here.

“We greatly appreciate our community’s continued engagement in the attendance zoning process,” said Board Vice President Grace Barber-Jordan, M.Ed. “Balancing priorities of proximity, feeder pattern alignment and balancing enrollment is difficult, but the focus will continue to be on what’s best for students throughout the district.”

At the request of the board, LISD collected feedback on middle school zoning Scenario A, from the Feb. 21 Board meeting. At the March 7 meeting, district staff submitted Scenario B, which incorporated additional community and board feedback. Administration opened the discussion on April 4 with Scenario C, leading to the next iteration for public comment.

“I have had the opportunity to speak with members of our community throughout this process and we are hearing strong favor of our process thus far in how we have engaged our community,” Superintendent Dan Troxell, Ph.D. said. “As our Board continues to consider this issue, we are committed to framing the discussion for our leadership to make the best decision and to ensuring we make whatever decision work for kids.”

For a complete list of the neighborhood codes (NBCDs) displayed on the map, please reference the following tools: NBCDs by subdivision | NBCDs by street

“There is not a perfect solution for everyone, but we are blessed to have world-class teachers and principals at all of our schools, who are ready to make all options work for students,” Troxell said.

While the Board’s plan has been to finish the zoning adjustment to May 16, Trustees considered pushing that decision back into June as they consider the impacts for zoning. No changes will go into effect until the 2020–21 school year.

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