The Board of Trustees considered public feedback on a 2020–21 attendance zoning scenario, discussed employee compensation and benefits options and reviewed an overview of the district’s special education and special programs at its April 18 meeting.

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Trustees consider public feedback regarding 2020–21 zoning Scenario D

Trustees discussed adjustments and additional implications for a zoning change to schools for the 2020-21 school year and the opening of Danielson Middle School.

As they continue to consider a final plan, Trustees asked for details on financial impact for school enrollments exceeding and below the building capacity. The administration presented feedback from over 400 community members through online forms and two community meetings on the most recent plan for the zoning change, scenario D. A summary of those comments can be found here.

“We greatly appreciate our community’s continued engagement in the attendance zoning process,” said Board Vice President Grace Barber-Jordan, M.Ed. “Balancing priorities of proximity, feeder pattern alignment and balancing enrollment is difficult, but the focus will continue to be on what’s best for students throughout the district.”

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Board reviews LISD compensation study that recommends across-the-board raise

Teachers and staff could see more money in their paychecks and employer contributions towards their health care benefits next school year.

Leander ISD continues to pay teachers more than the market salary, according to a study by LISD staff.  

For 2019–20, the human resource team recommended a 2 percent, across-the-board salary increase for district employees, as well as an increase in the district’s contribution towards health insurance to $340 per employee per month.

“The Board and administration continue to be mindful of the financial realities of our world-class teachers and staff,” said Board President Aaron Johnson. “Working within our budget structure to offset costs helps ensure LISD will continue to be a destination district for the very best and brightest teachers.”

While LISD proposed adding $1 million to support employee health benefits, the additional funding will only help offset the annual healthcare inflation costs.  Employees will most likely still see higher premiums for 2019–20 as a result of rising health care costs across the state.

District working to build a more robust special education program

The Special Education team launched their first of a series of Board presentations are presenting regarding the Leander ISD programs and services as its special education populations continue to grow, increasing by 2 percent in the last five years.

The Special Education and Special Programs Report offers and outlines about LISD’s efforts to meet the needs of students that require specialized instruction. Students with learning disabilities make up the largest group of LISD special education students.

“Providing each and every one of our students an outstanding education is the charge of our district and one that we take seriously,” Board Secretary Trish Bode said. “That means finding ways we can improve in special education and committing to a collaborative relationship with families to provide the best possible learning environment.”