‘Tis the season to give thanks! Not just the holiday season, but during this season of uncertainty, change and challenge, appreciation looks different. Our school communities can see how much they took for granted the warm hugs and handshakes from students to teachers. The clamor and good vibes during passing period feel nostalgic. At a time when school nurses are checking spreadsheets rather than checking students, the yearning for minor scrapes and cuts hits their core.

When Danielson Middle School Social Communications Support Services teacher Janelle Nichols showed her appreciation for Rouse High School nurse Jan Carpenter through a social media post, it meant so much more than “thank you”. Her gratitude was a nod to what nurses do best. Recognizing nurse Jan helped, in essence, pay tribute to the nurses across the district who are working around the clock to ensure our schools stay safe and open. A mere tweet spoke volumes.  

It took a little more than 280 characters (but less than 280 seconds) to see COVID-19 school life through the eyes of a school nurse.