Rattling through the classrooms of River Ridge Elementary, we had the chance to see blended learning at the elementary school level. Join LISD Board of Trustees President Trish Bode as she experiences this unique environment committed to connecting with the whole child. Relationships are happening. Learning is happening. #LISDisHappening

During her time at River Ridge Elementary, Bode visited a first-grade classroom where they were discovering how to code ozobots and an English Language Arts classroom where they’re practicing creative writing. She also sat down with the school counselor to find out how the campus is connecting with virtual learners through “drive-by visits”. She learned about the school’s approach to blended learning: the same teacher instructs both in-person and virtual students at the same time. School leaders believe this helps create a whole new environment where students can create social norms of inclusivity as well as enables a child to seamlessly transition into in-person learning.