Name: Jessica Frankenberg

Campus/Department: Pleasant Hill Elementary

Job Title: Visual Arts Teacher

Component of the Leander Way: Create

Leander ISD is shouting from the rooftop, to announce this week’s staff spotlight, Jessica Frankenberg!!  Ms. Frankenberg goes above and beyond in all areas of education and teamwork.  She is a vital part of our PLC journey at Pleasant Hill.  She has taken our visual arts program to new heights, with her virtual and in person teaching.  Ms Frankenberg is also our DWEIC representative and her leadership is invaluable.  She CREATED Remind groups, SeeSaw accounts, and other means of connecting with all of our stakeholders.  Pleasant Hill is so thankful for this gem!

 “Ms. Frankenberg is such a joy and light at PHE!   She never draws attention to her deeds, but they should be recognized and applauded!    Thank you, Jessica!”

–Heather Robbins, Principal, Pleasant Hill Elementary