Leander ISD high school students can see their GPA and class rank in Naviance starting Tuesday, Feb. 11. The calculations include the completion of Fall 2019 semester course work.

Naviance recently notified Leander ISD that all students are required to reset their passwords. In preparation to view GPA and Rank, students should log into their account prior to Feb. 11 to reset their passwords. Each high school campus website provides links to Naviance. Below is information from Naviance with password reset instructions.

The first step for students is to log in with their current credentials. After attempting to log in, they will be alerted via a red-alert box with instructions at the top of the screen to reset their password.

For students who have an email address in Naviance, the alert box instructs them to check their email to access the temporary password.

For students who do not have an email address in Naviance, the alert box instructs them to contact their school for a temporary password.

Naviance password requirements: 

  • Passwords must be at least 10 characters in length;
  • The username may not be part of the password;
  • Passwords may not include more than 2 identical characters in a row;
  • Commonly used passwords, simple patterns and common names will not be accepted.

Should you have any questions after viewing your updated GPA and class rank, please see your assigned campus counselor.