For over a decade LISD has been working to revamp its bus fleet by phasing out aging diesel buses and replacing them with cleaner propane-fueled buses. In committing to this effort, the district has obtained multiple grants over the years.

In 2018, LISD received $740,000 in funding from Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and added 24 propane-fueled buses to its fleet. As part of a TCEQ grant requirement, the district’s out-of-circulation buses, currently parked across the administrative offices, will soon be dismantled.

“The impact of our school bus fleet on the environment is a big concern because many of our community members live in an environmentally sensitive area,” said Ann Hatton, director of transportation for the school district. “They appreciate that our school district is adopting a cleaner transportation option in propane.”

School buses fueled by propane emit fewer greenhouse gases and total hydrocarbon emissions, and virtually eliminate particulate matter when compared to conventional diesel-powered buses. About 30 percent of LISD’s total fleet runs on propane, with a plan to convert to 60 percent in the next five years.