LISD is working with our health care providers to secure some of the limited numbers of COVID vaccines for voluntary distribution to LISD teachers and staff.  

As soon as we have confirmation that doses are available, we will invite teachers and staff who are 65 and older to sign up if they want to receive the vaccine. The vaccination is completely voluntary and may be available on short notice. The district will work with campuses for coverage where necessary so that employees may leave for their vaccination. 

We know this only covers a small number of our amazing teachers and staff, and we are committed to acquiring more doses as the vaccine becomes more widely available. In accordance with CDC guidelines, LISD will do a tiered approach in offering the vaccine to our incredible employees:

  • Age 65 and over,
  • Anyone on a COVID-related leave case,
  • Anyone working from home related to a COVID high-risk condition,
  • Those who have a workplace accommodation in place and are currently working in an LISD building,
  • After that, it will be first-come, first-serve.  

We will continue advocating for all of our teachers and staff to be prioritized as the vaccines become more widely available.