The annual Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) reflects the districts strong graduation rate and performance on standardized testing. The Board reviewed the results and held a public hearing as required by the Texas Education Code. Highlights include:

  • 38,936 (+ 806 students from 2016-17)
  • 96.9% 4-year graduation rate
  • 99.2% 5-year graduation rate
  • 83% of the 2017 graduates took the SAT or ACT

“Leander ISD continues to excel by every measure, and we know our success is truly  a result of the connections our teachers make with students every day,” Board Vice President Grace Barber-Jordan, M.Ed., said. “Our initiatives as a district continue to be focused on individual student success and that is clearly reflected in these results.”

The entire LISD Annual Report references data collected for the 2017–18 school year. Campus reports are available on the district website and on the Texas Education Agency website.