River Ridge Rattler Gianna Lin is taking a bite out of excellence as our LISD Super Kid!

The second-grader’s enthusiasm for learning is one of a kind. Coming to class so prepared for virtual empowered learning, Gianna encourages both her teachers and classmates alike. Her eagerness to share information about her learning makes such a positive impact on those around her even if it’s virtually.

“Gianna is the brightest star each day,” River Ridge Elementary teacher Jen DuPont said.

Dupont was so excited to see her name on her class list! When Gianna was in first grade, they made a connection during “buddy writing time”. The teaching tool promotes interaction with “a buddy” as they each explain their writing purpose.

“Just listening to her read her writing journal makes a writing teacher love hearing her stories come alive with voice, good sentence structure and organization.”

Gianna’s next big things include rewriting the Harry Potter series and studying all the organs in the human body! 

For making magic in virtual classrooms, we’re fascinated by your spirit and mad skills– Gianna Lin–LISD Super Kid!