This week in Leander ISD, the district is showing appreciation to the many volunteers who serve regularly and in a variety of capacities throughout the district.

Leander ISD volunteers serve inside and outside of the classroom, from the literacy partners who work directly with students to improve their reading skills to the HEROES mentors who provide guidance and support to students as they work to cultivate personal, social and academic development. Booster club organizers directly support student participation in extracurricular activities while Parent Teacher Association (PTA) volunteers advocate for students and teachers, promoting student achievement, creativity and inclusiveness.

There are many other service programs and volunteer opportunities through which families and community members make a positive difference in LISD on a daily basis.

“We are so grateful to all of the volunteers who support students, teachers and staff in the district by generously giving so much of their time and energy,” Assistant Director of Community Relations Shannon Lombardo said. “Our literacy partners, mentors, Watch D.O.G.S. and all of the volunteers in between are invaluable supports to our community.”

Are you interested in volunteering in LISD? Learn more at our volunteering opportunities webpage.