Leander ISD would like to congratulate Reagan Elementary School’s Chloe Fields for being named the LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week. Chloe, a fifth-grader, has been a Ray since she was three years old and enrolled in the ELE program. Due to a mitochondrial disorder, Chloe faces many medical issues which limit her abilities, but she loves school and Art, which allows her to interact with other kids, be creative and express herself.

She especially loves to paint and often chooses bright colors (red is her favorite). Chloe’s artwork gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment (you can tell by her smile). Art combines many important things for Chloe – friends, color and accomplishment.

“Chloe is a gift!” said art teacher Jez St. John. “She brings joy to all of us and is the heart of our school. She is famous for her artwork showcased each year at the LISD Annual Art Show. Last year the kids waited in line to swap artist trading cards with her!”