A major key to success, Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Emma Carver sounds like leadership! 

Emma sings with Wiley Middle School’s varsity choir. Dedicated and passionate, the eighth-grader recently stepped into a mentorship role. Signing up to be a student aide in one of the sixth-grade choirs, Emma has risen into true leadership. She picked up the repertoire for the past two concerts, teaching and conducting the sixth-grade students. Alongside her role as a “student conductor”, she has maintained great grades in all her classes and involvement in other organizations. Emma also participates in drama club and serves as a member of National Junior Honor Society.

“Emma Carver is the ultimate choir student!” Wiley MS Assistant Choir Director Victoria Hutchings said. “Not only does she have two periods of choir, but she also comes and helps in other classes whenever she has the chance. She goes above and beyond the student aide role and essentially has become a student director. I’ve never met a student more passionate and dedicated to choir.” 

Pitch perfect, let’s have a round of applause for Emma Carver–#1LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!