All the world’s a stage. Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Eden Dill is performing on and building it!

Eden attends Rouse High School. The junior class member is taking Varsity Theatre Production as well as Advanced Tech Theatre. As a student director for the JV acting class and the captain of Rouse Theatre’s “Lettuce League” improv troupe, those she works with respect her ability to coach and mentor. Eden shows her passion for all aspects of theatre through her exceptional standards for herself and inspiring others to follow. 

“Eden is always ready for a challenge and will not shy away from the unknown,” RHS technical theatre director Mel Edwards said. “Last year, she tried her hand at building the musical set as a part of the construction crew, even though she never built anything in her life. She rose to the occasion! She learned not only how to operate tools, but how to lead others to success.”

“Although Eden’s talent lies in acting and improv she is also an extremely dedicated and talented technician. Her advanced tech theatre projects always exceed my expectations: well thought out, creative and elaborately executed. She values the process as well as the product. That’s something I admire about her in today’s fast-paced world.”

For leading her peers and true inspiration that it’s never too late to explore opportunities, Bravo Eden Dill, Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!