Stiles Middle School 7th-grader Riya Sengupta’s ability to lift up others offers a glimpse into the kind of good-natured person she is. That’s why Riya is our Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week.  

As a Golden Sparks dance team member, Riya is no stranger to the many fundraising events the team hosts each year.  One of them involved a pancake breakfast. Instead of trying to sell her tickets, Riya bought all of them. She then took the tickets to the Cedar Park police station and donated them to officers who could stop by for a morning meal. 

“Riya puts a smile on my face every day,” Stiles Middle School dance instructor Suzanne Taylor said. “She not only strives to become a better dancer but a contributing member of our community.”

Beyond her humble nature, Riya’s enthusiasm shimmers on the team. She checks all the boxes: organized, prepared, hand-working. Yet again, it’s the tiniest gestures of compassion that make her larger than life. Take for example, dropping in on Mrs. Taylor twice a day to give a hug and tell her to have a great day! 

For her selfless contributions to help make the Golden Sparks burn brighter, Congratulations to LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Riya Sengupta.