Dancing her way to the top, Congratulations to Leander ISD Fine Arts Student of the Week Lauren Chiles!

The Stiles Middle School eighth-grader currently leads the Golden Sparks performance dance team. Lauren has exemplified the very meaning of the word “leader,” and what it means to represent Leander ISD Fine Arts. She works to make everyone on the team grow and improve. Unselfish in her ability to motivate others, she shamelessly promotes those surrounding her. While she is captain, she has maintained wonderful grades in her all-advanced classes including Spanish.

“Lauren has made my job easier this year,” Golden Sparks Dance Director Suzanne Taylor said. “To say this during our COVID challenges exemplifies her maturity and love of the team. She stands out as a student and campus leader through her hard work and maturity in challenging situations. I will miss what she brings to my team, but I am happy for her to continue to represent LISD Fine Arts!”

Lighting up with excellence, we’re so proud of you, Lauren Chiles–#1LISD Fine Arts Student of the Week!