Leander ISD students from the district’s two high schools with culinary programs – Cedar Park and Glenn high schools – showcased their talent and skills at the ProStart state competition put on by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation March 8–10 in Waco.

Glenn’s Kimora Cargill took the top prize in the “Design on the Fly” category. Glenn HS also had a pair of second-place finishers with Ethan Nguyen in “Couscous” and Amara Cooper in “Pastry Skills.” Glenn’s Nguyen and Jennifer Wallace picked up third place in “Spiced” and “Set the Table,” respectively, while the Lone Star Culinary category featured a third-place finish from the Cedar Park’s team of Dylan Garcia, Anastacia Decuir, Lyn Dye, Mia Matthews and Olive Hart.

Competition Categories

Amuse Me

  • Sydney Holcomb, Glenn HS4th Place
  • Aggie Earl, Cedar Park HS6th Place


  • Ethan Nguyen, Glenn HS2nd Place

Design on the Fly

  • Kimora Cargill, Glenn HS1st Place

Knife Skills

  • Courtney Columbus, Glenn HS8th Place

Lone Star Culinary

  • Cedar Park High School3rd Place
    Dylan Garcia
    Anastacia Decuir
    Lyn Dye
    Mia Matthews
    Olive Hart
  • Glenn High School Team #2 – 6th Place
    John Carneiro
    Julia Fonseca
    Preston Ramsey
    Justin Mcwilliams
    Natalia Alcala


  • Braeden Fuller & Dylan Gibbs, Cedar Park HS4th Place

National Culinary

  • Cedar Park High School9th Place
    Kaelyn Benz
    Cameron Parks
    Marisol Rios
    Morgan Scott
    Charlie Lehman

Pastry Pow Bang

  • Mia Whittaker, Glenn HS5th Place

Pastry Skills

  • Amara Cooper , Glenn HS2nd Place

Real Food Break

  • Breyann Wright, Glenn HS4th Place

Set the Table

  • Jennifer Wallace, Glenn HS3rd Place


  • Ethan Nguyen, Glenn HS3rd Place
  • Jacob Schulle, Cedar Park HS4th Place

State Track

  • Glenn High School Team #1 – 20th Place
    Rylie Wood
    Alyssa Woodward
    Kaniya Salazar
    JB Jimenez


  • Hallie Riggen, Glenn HS6th Place
  • Jordy Jiminez, Cedar Park HS5th Place