This month, Leander ISD is highlighting two Career and Technical Education (CTE) Clusters: Human Services, and Hospitality and Tourism.

The Human Services Cluster includes Cosmetology and Personal Care Services; Family and Community Services; and Health and Wellness programs of study. The Hospitality and Tourism Cluster includes a Culinary Arts program of study and a Lodging and Resort Management program of study.

“The cosmetology program has given me the opportunity to work on what I want to do in my life, in high school,” Leander High School Graduate Spencer Thompson said. “It’s given me the opportunity to do what I want to do, earlier in life.”

Glenn Culinary Student Jonathan Rodriguez Martinez said that students in the culinary program get extensive hands-on experience and learn a variety of practical skills.

“If you’re trying to actually get into the food industry, I feel like this course would be a good course to go into because it’s very hands-on, very focused on team-building exercises and they actually teach you about the processes of what to expect when you’re entering into the culinary industry,” Martinez said.

Family and Community Services students learn to plan and organize events and volunteer with local organizations, which also builds valuable skills through experience.

“I think it’s really good to learn critical thinking skills and problem solving,” Rouse Student Isabella Cardenas said. “And you get really good team building skills.”

Hospitality students develop skills ranging from customer service to housekeeping to sales.

“Hospitality has taught me how to analyze my situation, even if I don’t know the solution,” Rouse Student Emilyn Le said. “It’s taught me to overcome not knowing what to do.”

Learn more about these LISD CTE programs of study in the videos below.


Culinary Arts

Family and Community Services

Hospitality and Resort Management