During its May 19 meeting, the  Leander ISD Board of Trustees:

  • Celebrated the success at Tarvin Elementary during Spotlight on Learning
  • Honored the remarkable talent in our #1LISD Career & Technical Education programs through Board Recognitions
  • Approved the 2022-23 Compensation Plan, which includes a 5%-at-midpoint pay raise for teachers, 4%-at-midpoint for staff, $15/hr minimum rate.  
  • Outlined its legislative priorities for the 88th Texas Legislative Session.
  • Approved a petition to annex a section of the Larkspur subdivision.
  • Heard a presentation from the Superintendent Student Advisory Council
  • Discussed recommendations from the Student Health Advisory Committee

View the entire agenda. Watch the livestream video.

Spotlight on Learning: Tarvin Elementary

Tarvin Elementary’s Spotlight on Learning pays tribute to what a campus can accomplish in just one year. Blazing trails, students exemplify how rich and meaningful exploration deepens their understanding. Tarvin has created a space where students dream big, create a path and lead the way!

Board Recognition: Celebrating Student Excellence

#1LISD is celebrating the accomplishment of its Career & Technical Education students throughout high school programs as well as UIL state competitors. Congratulations on showcasing excellence through outstanding talent!

Board Approves 5% Increase to Teacher Salaries, 4% for All Others

The Leander ISD Board of Trustees approved a compensation plan for the 2022–23 school year that provides teachers, nurses and counselors with a 5-percent-of-midpoint pay increase and a 4-percent-of-midpoint pay increase for all other staff. The full raise will take effect in employees’ first 2022–23 paycheck.

“Taking care of Leander ISD’s amazing teachers and staff continues to be of utmost importance to this Board,” Board President Trish Bode said. “These raises connect to our Board-adopted Core Beliefs and are intended to be a step in honoring our employees’ hard work as life-changers and acknowledge the financial reality many of our dedicated employees find themselves in living in this community.”

The approved compensation plan establishes a new minimum hourly wage of $15 per hour, an increase that will have a ripple effect up the hourly pay scales. With the 2022–23 compensation plan, the substitute rate will increase from $90 per day to $115 per day. Certified, long-term substitutes and registered nurse substitutes will also see an increase to the daily rate.

To view all of the salary scales and stipends from the approved compensation plan, visit the Salary Scales section of the Human Resources page.

“In Leander ISD, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a level of education that goes above and beyond, and the children of our community deserve that,” said Superintendent Bruce Gearing, Ed.D. “That’s only possible because of the high-quality teachers and staff in this district.”

If the following conditions are met:

  1. The Board sets a tax rate to initiate a Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election (VATRE) of at least 9 pennies, which is the Board’s current approved budget assumptions; and
  2. The VATRE passes in November 2022; then

The Board will provide a one-time lump sum retention payment for all eligible employees in an amount to be determined in future Board action.

“Passing a VATRE in November puts our district on a more stable financial footing and would provide the community with an overall tax rate reduction,” Board Vice President Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia, Ph.D., said. 

Continue reading for a deeper understanding of how the compensation plan connects to the Board’s ongoing planning of the 2022–23 operating budget and how to address the projected deficit. 

Board Begins Work on Legislative Priorities & Resolutions

With their role as advocates in mind, the Board started preparing for the 88th Texas Legislative Session in 2023. Based on issues that may come before lawmakers, the Texas Association of School Boards requested resolutions to help align their stance. With the help of Ancira Strategic Partners, Trustees have outlined a series of resolutions they plan to submit to TASB:

  1. Increase the amount of time to complete Reading Academies, additionally allowing Leander ISD to conduct in-house training, saving time and expense.
  2. Regarding HB 4545, ease the 3-to-1 student-to-tutor ratio, due to staffing shortages as well as provide funding for supplemental accelerated instruction.
  3. Establish with Leander ISD a K-12 apprenticeship program registered with the US Dept. of Labor, which allows for instructional aides to work and earn their teaching certifications within 3 years.
  4. Adding an inflationary measure to help with cost of living for full-time employees through basic allotment. 
  5. Set aside funds for full-day PreK students.

The Board also examined its legislative priorities set forth by the Board’s Legislative Committee. Members will vote on the resolutions at its June 9 meeting. Meanwhile, the public will have the opportunity to reflect on the legislative priorities before the Board approves. 

Board Approves Petition to Annex Section of Larkspur Community into Leander ISD 

Trustees approved a petition to annex part of the Larkspur subdivision into Leander ISD from Liberty Hill ISD. Larkspur residents petitioned for the change, currently impacting 37 students. However, growth projections indicate as many as 315 students could eventually live in the area.

The Liberty Hill ISD Board of Trustees will now review and consider the annexation petition.

Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council Shares A Year of Growth in Student Empowerment  

In its second year, the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council drew from previous experience and created an impressive body of work this school year. The 46-member Council consists of representatives from all seven high school campuses. During Thursday night’s meeting, SSAC made a presentation to the Board, which included committee work around student accommodations, mental health and soft skills. While some of the SSAC members are graduating seniors, the Council is looking forward to next year when they hope to create Principal Advisory Councils on each home campus. 

Student Health Advisory Committee Presents Curriculum Recommendations

After reviewing puberty curriculum for grades 4-6, the Student Health Advisory Committee made a recommendation to continue using the same instructional materials for fourth- and fifth-graders and to use a new resource for sixth grade.

A subcommittee gathered information from other districts and sampled material from vendors. Educators currently involved in the curriculum offered feedback. SHAC recommends:

  • Fourth-grade – continue the use of
    • Marsh Media; Just Around the Corner – for boys
    • Marsh Media: Just Around the Corner – for girls
  • Fifth-grade – continue the use of
    • Marsh Media: Growing Up! – for boys
    • Marsh Media: Growing Up! – for girls
  • Sixth-grade – new resource 
    • Choosing the Best Way

The Board also heard from the different subcommittees in these areas:

  • Protection of Marginalized Populations
  • Physical Activity and Nutrition
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing 

At the next Board meeting June 9, the Board of Trustees will consider the instructional materials adoption regarding the puberty curriculum.