Years from now, we will look back and remember 2020 as the year we finished the school year at home and spent a lot of time away from what was considered to be “normal” life. We are living and experiencing an unprecedented time in modern history, one that not only caused our current perceptions of the world around us to change, but will likely have an impact on our future world.  

For most of us, our typical means of expressing ourselves have been altered. We hope that this opportunity will provide all of our students and staff with an opportunity to creatively reflect upon and express their experiences during this emergency remote learning time.

Students and staff are invited to create an artifact and upload your experiences to be a part of history in our #1LISD VOICE Time Capsule!

We want your written, drawn, painted, built or video recorded reflections on our time at home while learning together!  This project will be a gathering point for LISD’s staff, students and community collective histories, narratives, images, records, art and other forms of response to the impacts of COVID-19. We only ask that you use this opportunity to reflect on your experiences this spring during the COVID-19 remote learning and share your artifact by July 30, 2020.  

Major shout-outs, big celebrations and small moments – mine your writer’s notebooks for some gems. Time capsule entries can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. From silver linings to boredom to grief – we’re hoping to capture the good, the bad and the REAL.

Using your district-approved Google account, please use this form to submit your artifact.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Draw or paint a picture
  • Write an illustrated short story or picture book
  • Record yourself being interviewed by your parent, or interviewing your parent
  • Make a photo collage
  • Write an essay or create a blog post
  • Write a letter to your future or past self, a friend, your teacher, or a significant person in your life (Can be dictated for younger students)
  • Create a poem or curate a book of poetry 
  • Write and/or perform  a song or a song parody 
  • Write and perform a rap
  • Create a work of art in any medium
  • Create a podcast or a video
  • Create a GIF or Meme 
  • Create and video an interpretive dance
  • Create a “Day in the Life of…”.
  • Work collaboratively to develop a newscast, infomercial, comedy skit, show pilot, anything that strikes your fancy!  
  • Design or build a machine that solves a problem that you have had during remote learning


  • Participants must use their district-provided Google account to submit any artifacts. 
  • Artifacts can include documents, pictures, video or audio files no larger than 1 GB in size.  
  • All submissions must comply with the guidelines outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook and the Employee Handbook. 
  • All publications will be reviewed and approved by district administration. 
    • Documents may not contain any objectionable material. This includes religious, racial, sexual, violent or profane material. 
    • No unlawful copies of copyrighted (“including but not limited to music, motion pictures, literary works, cartoon characters) material may be produced or transmitted. 
    • No personal reference should be made about staff or students (i.e., home phone numbers, addresses, names of other family members, etc.) 
  • The participants acknowledge that they understand that by submitting to this time capsule, the information or artifacts submitted can and will be available for public consumption and consent to the public release of my submission and understand that I am waiving any right to compensation for the submission now or at any time in the future.
  • Participants will be provided with the opportunity to select if they want their submission to be listed as “anonymous” or attributed to their name.  

For additional information, please visit our Leander ISD time capsule website.