Taking today’s challenge of showing concern for others head-on, #1LISD Super Kid Mckinley Chamberlin is showing us how it’s done!

Every day in class or at recess, Mckinley checks on her classmates. The River Ridge Elementary fourth-grader always lends a helping hand. One day during recess, while Mckinley was playing with a group of girls, she noticed another fourth-grader alone and discouraged. Without flinching, Mckinley went to comfort the student. Eventually playing together, she brought a smile to the other student’s face.

“I am so proud of Mckinley and her caring heart,” River River ES fourth-grade teacher Megan Ray said. “She exhibits excellence and treats everyone with compassion. Mckinley inspires me to be a better person and teacher. She shines inside and out!”

Mckinley competes with the Steiner Stars swim team and plays soccer. An Ohio State Buckeyes fan, she bleeds scarlet and grey!

Scoring big with her huge heart, we’re charging the field for Mckinley Chamberlin–#1LISD Super Kid!