With positivity and compassion, #1LISD Super Kid Madilyn Lawson is making all the right moves!

Madilyn attends Faubion Elementary where she’s an exceptional fourth-grade student. In her QUEST class, she gives 110%. With her top-notch work ethic, Madilyn embraces a challenge. Most importantly, she has a tremendous amount of respect for others, willing to help those around her before herself. One of a kind!

“As an outstanding student, Madilyn excels in everything she does,” Faubion Elementary QUEST teacher Anel Ellsworth said. “Her kind heart and eagerness to help others are why I nominated her!”

Madilyn hopes to use that drive for excellence to send her full-throttle to College Station. This Aggie fan hopes to Gig ‘em with the best of ‘em.

In her free time, Madiyn enjoys the outdoors. Particularly, you can find her lacing up her roller skates for a trip around the neighborhood.

She’s on a roll; let’s hear it for #1LISD Super Kid Madilyn Lawson!