Voters passed both Proposition A, the Attendance Credit Election, and Proposition B, the Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election, according to unofficial Nov. 8 election results.

“In Leander ISD, we value voice and choice. Through this election, we have heard the will of voters,” Superintendent Bruce Gearing said. “As a district, we will continue to work tirelessly to meet students where they are and provide them with the best education.”

By approving the Attendance Credit Election, Leander ISD will make its mandatory recapture payments to the state through the purchasing of attendance credits. Recapture, also known as Robin Hood, occurs when a school district’s property values have exceeded a certain point. There will be no impact to current operations as a result of the passing of the Attendance Credit Election.

With the passing of the Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election, LISD will see a net increase of $32 million to continue to fund the raises already approved by the Board for this 2022–23 school year. The resulting overall tax rate of $1.2746 gives taxpayers a 6.24-cent tax rate reduction from 2021–22.

“This monumental decision of voters passing the Voter-Approval Tax Rate Election equips the district to continue forward,” Board President Trish Bode said, “forward in the direction set forth in our Board-adopted, community-directed Strategic Plan.”

Board of Trustees

Five Board places were on the ballot Nov. 8. Results from each place’s election are listed below.

Place 1

  • 31,762 votes (50.87%) – Trish Bode
  • 20,307 votes (32.52%) – Mike Sanders
  • 10,367 votes (16.60%) – David Doman

Place 2

  • 31,916 votes (50.64%) – Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia
  • 31,109 votes (49.36%) – Brandi Burkman

Place 5

  • 26,192 votes (42.75%) – Sade Fashokun
  • 20,966 votes (34.22%) – Shawn Leege
  • 14,107 votes (23.03%) – Kevin Leverenz

Place 6

  • 25,208 votes (42.33%) – Francesca Romans
  • 18,330 votes (30.78%) – Scott Reese
  • 16,016 votes (26.89%) – Sharon Bell

Place 7

  • 21,220 votes (35.01%) – Paul Gauthier
  • 20,241 votes (33.39%) – Joseph Gorordo
  • 19,154 votes (31.60%) – Elexis Grimes

District to Canvass Vote Totals Nov. 18

The results are unofficial until the Board of Trustees canvasses the final vote totals provided by the counties for a Nov. 18 special meeting.