Leander ISD virtually hosted Superintendent Bruce Gearing’s first State of the District Wednesday. With 450 consistent viewers during the live event, participation grew through watching the recorded versions on Facebook and YouTube.

The presentation started with the district’s COVID-19 response. Through a mini-documentary, we shared the voices of teachers, parents, students and staff as they reflected on the last few months. From the first impressions of a global illness to school closures & remote learning, we heard the heart-felt sadness and struggle, and how we pushed through with resilience. 

 Gallery of Other Videos

Support and Encouragement from Leander ISD Board of Trustees

National Anthem performed by Olivia Korioth

Welcome Address from the Leander, Cedar Park and West Austin Chambers of Commerce

#InspireLISD from LEEF & Friends

Dr. Gearing’s State of the District Presentation

 During Dr. Gearing’s presentation, he laid out seven goals for the district that guide our process and decision-making. We heard about the continued growth in the district–more students and staff and the overall growth of student success. Highlights include the district’s Community Conversations that translated into working data to help meet the needs of our students and preliminary work on Diversity & Equity through town hall meetings, which also offered feedback opportunities. 

Leadership Panel Discussion

In this unique opportunity to showcase our district in a virtual event, we had the chance to engage with our audience through questions asked in Facebook comments. With the next school year on the top of everyone’s minds, most questions surrounded how we will open in the fall and what it will look like.

LEEF Closing Remarks & LEEF Grant Testimony

 The Leander Educational Excellence Foundation hosted the State of the District. LEEF provides additional support for education and students as the district encounters shrinking public funding. As LEEF closes out the event, we hear from Deer Creek Elementary teacher Patricia Brown about how LEEF has helped provide resources for her classroom.

Student Voice

 One of our commitments during this strange and unusual time is to provide the sights and sounds of students in classrooms. We are deeply committed to getting back on campuses and richly enjoying the relationships we treasure. Throughout the year, Superintendent Dr. Gearing visited with students. Here are some special moments as well as students offering their appreciation for the ones they miss the most.