Mollie Reling at Mason Elementary School is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

Mollie enrolled at Mason Elementary in October 2022. She had just come to the United States from Sweden and didn’t speak English. Just a year later, it’s hard for Mollie’s teachers and classmates to imagine that Mollie only recently learned English, as she has made amazing progress! She actively participates in all class learning and activities, and she interacts well with students and teachers.

Mollie’s ESL teacher, Debbie Krawl said that last year, Mollie met both with her individually and in a small group, where she worked hard to learn English words and school vocabulary. She was very motivated to be able to communicate with other students.

“Mollie is such a bright and hardworking student. She is like a sponge and was able to soak up all of the learning when she came to first grade,” Mollie’s First Grade Teacher Abbie Cotton said. “Mollie is excited to learn new things and is never afraid to try!”

Mollie’s hard work and eagerness to learn has continued into second grade.

“Mollie works super hard at everything she does,” Mollie’s Teacher Taylor Duncan said. “I’m very proud of her!”