Third Grader Scarlett Reed at Naumann Elementary is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

According to her teachers, Scarlett is kind, helpful and a true leader in the classroom. She is one of the students teachers can depend on to set a good example and she truly cares about others and their feelings. She also cares about helping her teachers, and keeping the classroom clean and organized. Academically, she strives for excellence and is motivated to learn new things and share that passion for learning with her classmates. She puts forth effort in all she does.

“Scarlett goes out of her way to help students by being a good friend, or offering to help,” Homeroom Teacher Tebaliah Martinez said. “She loves helping teachers by setting a good example, and picking up our classroom or helping with small projects without expecting anything in return. She puts so much effort into quality work on assignments and she is a great leader in our classroom.”

Another teacher shared that Scarlett is a dedicated, mature student who is driven to improve as a reader.

“Scarlett consistently makes connections and quickly applies new learning to her independent work,” the teacher said.” On top of having an amazing work ethic, she has an inquisitive nature. She genuinely enjoys learning new concepts. She’s well deserving of recognition!”

Scarlett enjoys martial arts, loves animals, playing games and hanging out with friends.

Additional quotes about Scarlett:

  • Art Teacher: “Scarlett is such a ray of sunshine in my art studio. She is always pushing the boundaries of her art projects and used to bring me little handwritten biographies about her favorite current artists. Sometimes my artists forget to clean up after themselves, but not her, she always picks up after herself. She really is a super kid!”
  • Performing Art Teacher: “Scarlett always has a smile and kind word for everyone. She has a positive and ‘can-do’ attitude She is the perfect definition of a respectful, self-motivated learner.”