Fifth grader Jordyn Smith at Mason Elementary is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week!

Recently, Jordyn participated in Mason’s fifth grade exhibition, where she was able to showcase her strengths and how they benefit the community. Along with her group members, Jordyn designed and constructed a robot that cleans up debris in the ocean. She developed this plan because it was efficient, effective and an innovative way to help cleanup the water pollution that is devastating marine life.

According to Jordyn’s math and science teacher, Bree Bonham, Jordyn is kind, creative and astute, which helps her keep lasting friendships and take on leadership roles at school. 

“Integrity is Jordyn’s superpower and I am just so grateful to have her in my class and know her,” Bonham said. “She always leads in a respectful way, while maintaining strong relationships with her peers. Jordyn is personable and insightful and compassionate and well-loved by everyone who knows her.”

Jordyn is a member of the school choir, the No Place For Hate coalition and C-Squared. She loves swimming, basketball and calm spaces for meditating. Her favorite books are the Scream Street series.