Brains, philanthropy and leadership make for a spectacularly well-rounded soccer player in Jewells Escamilla.

The Vista Ridge High School senior plays on the Lady Ranger soccer team. Jewell’s radiant force on the field complements just how bright she is academically. The National Hispanic Scholar serves as the senior class representative for VRHS Student Council. As a member of the business and marketing organization DECA and the National Honor Society, Jewells shows agility beyond her field of play. 

“Not only does she excel in the classroom, but she is an amazingly talented soccer player who is an integral part of the Lady Ranger Soccer program,” head soccer coach Shad Green said. “Jewells has a positive impact on her friends and teammates; she is going to be one of those people who is going to have a major impact on the world.”

All head all heart, Jewells flashes a tender side through her volunteerism. She does work with the pet adoption group Texas Human Heroes and the non-profit Music Eunited–a free music program for children in need.

For being a true reflection of excellence, Jewells Escamilla sparkles as our Student-Athlete of the Week!