Name: Ellen Blinco, Gaby Ornelas, Krysta Barbic, McKenzie Catania

Campus/Department: Knowles Elementary

Job Title: 4th grade team

Knowles Elementary is cultivating some exceptional teachers at Leander ISD!!  This 4th grade team is working together to make sure ALL students are successful!  Thank you Knowles Elementary!!

The 4th grade team at Knowles welcomed a teacher from Australia with open arms.  The principal, Lara Labbe-Maginel is an outstanding leader who thinks outside the box.  Knowles is a community that supports teachers, students, and staff to be the best they can be. 

Relationships are so important to Knowles Elementary.  Each and every student is at the heart of the decisions made on this campus. This 4th grade team knows how to BUILD relationships and trust with their team and their students.

“The 4th grade team at Knowles is an example of what it takes to make a team work.  They develop relationships and support one another because they know this is what is best for students.”

–Jennifer Dunn, Elementary Campus Recruiter