Three cheers for our first #1LISD Super Kid of the school year Mila Borel!

Mila attends fifth grade at Mason Elementary. During these confusing times, let it be clear: Mila Borel is a beacon of light. She brings sheer joy to the classroom, through her consistent attentiveness and concern for others. Whether they are a friend or newly-made acquaintance, Mila includes all students with her whole heart. Through genuine compassion, Mila expresses empathy toward, for example, a character we analyze or an historic figure we discuss. Because of that keen insight, she contributes vibrantly to class discussions. Most importantly, she extends thoughtfulness and kindness to her peers who are facing any form of hardship. 

Specifically, when another student was having a difficult time settling down to work on an activity, Mila’s teacher Bree Bonham overheard Mila discreetly ask him if he would like to work with her. There was no prompting, no incentive offered, simply care for others.

“It makes me so proud to be her teacher,” Bonham said. “I’m so excited for our future because of Mila! To know the quote ‘Let your light shine so brightly that others can see their way out of the dark’ (Katrina Mayer) is to know Mila.”

A huge fan of soccer, Mila not only watches her fave teams Austin FC & the US women’s national soccer team, she plays with Lonestar Elite. Creatively, she has her own YouTube channel. She sings and writes songs. Like most fifth-graders, Mila loves art, smile and animals!

All hustle, all heart! Congratulations to #1LISD Super Kid Mila Borel!