English Teacher Kate Akst at Cedar Park High School is the Leander ISD Staff Spotlight of the Week. 

According to her students, Akst is a brilliant teacher who holds her students to high expectations while enabling them to improve their writing abilities. She cheers up her students with her sense of humor and often turns their bad days around. Every day, she makes many students feel cared for as well as seen and heard in the classroom.

Advanced Placement (AP) English Student Courtney McDanald said that Akst motivates her to be a better student and is one of the reasons why she enjoys school and going to class.

“When feeling overwhelmed for the AP Exam, Mrs. Akst gave me reassurance in my abilities. No matter how many times I went to her feeling stressed, she continued to show me so much kindness and would continuously help me with the difficulties I encountered,” McDanald said. “Because of her continuous help and kindness, I have been able to overcome my many concerns and obstacles when prepping for the test and have had much improvement because of her help. I have never encountered a teacher where I have experienced so much growth in their class. I am a better reader, writer and student because of Mrs. Akst.”