Name: Kimberly Huddleston

Campus/Department: Rutledge Elementary

Job Title: Kindergarten

Leander ISD is so excited to announce this week’s staff spotlight, Kimberly Huddleston!  She CREATES excitement for learning. It is just a normal weekday to see her wearing a purple wig or unicorn outfit in her virtual classroom.

Kimberly personifies leadership in all that she does. She serves as her kindergarten team leader and actively seeks to find win-win solutions for her team and for the school team leader group. Kimberly makes learning fun.  She is a virtual teacher this year and has brought an enjoyment of life to virtual teaching. It is sheer inspiration to pop by her classroom and feel the energy with which her kindergarten students are engaging in virtual learning. Her fresh ideas and her spirit for kids show in all she does.

 Kimberly brings passion to all she does. She is the first one to volunteer for any opportunity that will generate excitement and enthusiasm for students. As a kindergarten team leader, she synergizes with her team to find ways to make every day learning experiences into adventures for students. As a team leader, she brings this same energy and enthusiasm to the school with ideas that help to create excellence across the building. Her ideas are focused on putting students first as learners and leaders.

“Kimberly is energetic, creative and proactive in a way that makes learning come to life for our youngest learners.”

-Beth Mohler-Principal, Rutledge Elementary