Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Name: Charlie Ciernia

Job Title: 4th Grade Math/Science Teacher

Campus/Dept: Deer Creek Elementary

Component of the Leander Way: Build

“Mr. Ciernia models respect and genuine caring for the students of Deer Creek, regardless of their grade or background.  [He] probably doesn’t recognize how great he is because it is his innate nature to treat everyone as someone of incredible worth and potential; he doesn’t see that his efforts are extraordinary.  He is extraordinary and models everything that a teacher should aspire to be. This Charlie may not have a chocolate factory, but he does have a sweet spot in his heart for our students!”

-Matthew Calkins, Deer Creek Elementary Principal

Name: Jennifer Passi

Job Title: Elementary Instructional Coach

Campus/Dept: River Ridge Elementary

Component of the Leander Way: Create

“Jennifer Passi embodies the love and joy that makes her leadership and guidance so pivotal to River Ridge.  She spreads her positive disposition to all within her reach every day.  She has a knack for taking the most routine of classroom tasks and having them blossom into extraordinary learning experiences.  Jennifer truly loves, in a deep and sincere way, all that pass in her wake.  She makes the world of learning joyful for all.”

-Melissa Arnold, 1st Grade Teacher