Name: Theresa Briseno

Campus/Department: Cox Elementary

Job Title: Pre-K Instructional Assistant

Leander ISD is doing a happy dance to celebrate this week’s staff spotlight, Theresa Briseno!!  Theresa is a rock star and Cox Elementary is ecstatic that she is on our campus.  She BUILDS relationships and knows how to get the job done.

Theresa is currently a virtual PreK IA at Cox Elementary.  However, when we are in need of a substitute, she is always willing to step in and fill the position.  Most of the time she does this with short notice and does it with a smile on her face.  Theresa is trustworthy, supportive, and kind in everything she does.   

Theresa is a new employee, but has quickly earned the trust of many by stepping out of her role in PreK to help us with filling substitute positions. She BUILDS amazing relationships with kids and it can be seen all over the campus. We can trust her to get the job done.

“Theresa is always willing to go above and beyond to support the campus.  She smiles, she always says “yes” and kids LOVE her. I am fortunate to have her working at Cox Elementary. She is an amazing addition to our campus.” 

Charlie Rodriguez, Principal, Cox Elementary