Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Name: Magdalena Marti

Campus/Department: Child Nutrition Services – Reed Elementary

Job Title: CNS Assistant Lead

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Magda is a star team member who consistently provides feedback to her fellow team members and volunteers. She has a radiant personality and can bring a smile to anyone’s face!  Magda is a team builder!

“We want to clone her! She’s passionate about her work and takes a lot of pride in serving her community.”

– Sherie Yoon, CNS Supervisor


Team: Reed Elementary Emergency Meals Site Team

Campus/Department: Child Nutrition Services – Reed Elementary

Component of the Leander Way: Create

Team Reed focuses on the big picture, while utilizing their individual strengths to go above and beyond in all that they do. They are unlike any other team as they’ve come together to create an experience that is more than just providing meals to the community – they provide hope and a sense of community!

Reed, as an Elementary Emergency Meals campus, has created a community while serving the students, families and local childcare centers for essential workers during COVID-19. They served over 11,000 meals during the month of April, and they are continuously creating new methods to assemble and distribute meals successfully and safely five days per week!

“Team Reed has a fun, loving atmosphere and we are passionate about the work we do.”

-Mandy Saunders, CNS Team Leader