Staff Spotlight- Laura Butler

Name: Laura Butler

Campus/Department: Cypress Elementary

Job Title: Theatre Arts

Hip, hip, hooray for this week’s LISD’s Staff Spotlight of the Week, Laura Butler!  Ms. Butler CREATed an amazing virtual play during spring 2021.  Thinking outside of the box and using her out of this world imagination is why Cypress Cheetahs love Ms. Butler!!

Ms. Butler directed our Cypress students in our Spring musical. This year, due to COVID, the musical was entirely virtual. Ms. Butler held auditions, rehearsals and put the musical together for a spectacular virtual performance. The entire Cheetah community was blown away by how great the musical was, pandemic or no pandemic. Ms. Butler exemplifies the Leander Way by creating a love of performance in all students. Our students can’t wait to show their talents in her performing arts class and our Cypress shows.

Laura shows that she cares and develops strong bonds with her colleagues and students. Laura puts students first – she found a way to make performances happen this year because they’re important to Cypress’ culture. She strives for excellence in her teaching and performances, and our students work hard to meet her high expectations!  Ms. Butler has a passion for giving kids a voice in a creative way.

Bravo, to a job well done!!!!  Excellence is never an accident; it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.

“Laura goes above and beyond for our Cypress Cheetah students! She is creative, passionate, and determined. Laura Butler is a blessing to our community.”

—–Cypress Cheetah Teachers………..Mary Dwight, Sharon Yero, Andi Brown, Debbie Krawl, Cammie Pontrello, Michel Roos, Stacey Jureka