We are adding three specific topics for sessions during our Listening Leaders event on July 29. Based on feedback from our community using ThoughtExchange, we will have the following sessions, offered virtually on Zoom, for our students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members to attend in addition to our small group listening sessions:

For more details about our Listening Leaders event or to sign up for a small group time slot, not specific to a topic, please click here.

About Listening Leaders

Listening Leaders is a bi-monthly event hosted by the Leander ISD administration to gather feedback from our community stakeholders. We host offerings both in-person and online, document the comments from the small group conversations, present our findings in a detailed report to our out public, and make changes in our system based on feedback. Any member of our community can always submit a question, concern, or compliment to our team via Let’s Talk, accessible at www.leanderisd.org/support/