Leander ISD is ringing in the New Year with this week’s staff spotlight, Elias Pena.  Elias is the custodian supervisor at Stiles Middle School, but he is so much more than that to the staff and students.  He BUILDS an inclusive community for all the Stiles Spartans!

Mr. Pena and his crew do a magnificent job keeping the building beautiful. Mr. Pena makes sure that our life skills students have campus jobs, where he brings in items that student will enjoy and engage with.  Praising students and encouraging questions is at the top of his list of things to do. 

Stiles Spartans are happy to ring in the New Year with Mr. Pena.  He walks alongside our staff and students to grow and strengthen our Stiles community of tolerance, inclusion, and respect.  THANK YOU!!!

“Mr. Pena builds an inclusive community in which all students and staff know they are accepted, appreciated, and loved for who they are.”

-Gayle Chin, SPED teacher, Stiles Middle School