Name: Laura Armour

Campus/Department: Pleasant Hill Elementary

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Please join Leander ISD as we give a high five to this week’s staff spotlight, Laura Armour.  Laura is the administrative assistant at Pleasant Hill Elementary.  There is not anything that she can’t handle!!  Pleasant Hill is a better place because of Laura. 

Laura has been at Pleasant Hill for many years and she is faithful and loyal to our school.  She handles any and all things that come her way without complaining or saying things like “that is not my job”.  Laura will support anyone that needs help.  She is simply the best and knows how to BUILD positive relationships.  Laura does it all and never complains.   Laura BUILDS systems, procedures, and relationships on our campus. Many days she is the glue that holds us together!

 “I am not everyone’s cup of tea and she has to deal with my nonsense on a daily basis. She always has my back and goes above and beyond for our campus and our students.”

-Heather Robbins – Principal, Pleasant Hill Elementary