Terri Thompson

Name: Terri Thompson

Campus/Department: Leander High School

Job Title: Administrative Assistant

Big shout out for this week’s staff spotlight, Terri Thompson!  Terri is the administrative assistant at Leander High and we don’t know what we would do without her!! We appreciate all Terri does for LHS staff and students.

Terri always thinks students first when looking to ensure classes are covered. Her first thought is the best way to keep students and staff safe, while allowing students to continue to get their education. She is always looking for ways to improve our systems of coverage and maximize building space to ensure proper protocols are maintained as they plan their path to a meaningful future!  No matter the question or need, she will find a way to help each student achieve.  

 One of the biggest challenges that campuses face day in and day out is covering those teachers who are quarantined, sick, taking personal leave or any other reason staff needs to be out. Terri Thompson tackles this challenge every day. She is a problem solver and works to make sure that our students have coverage for their classes. She works with teachers to ensure plans are developed and that teachers can take care of themselves to get well. We appreciate all Terri does for LHS and its students.

“Thanks for keeping students in the building and keeping us safe at the same time. You are one in a million and we appreciate all you do! Thank you for caring and showing up every single day!”

-Chris Simpson – Principal, Leander High School