Citizenship at Rutledge Elementary takes on a whole new meaning thanks to LISD Super Kid Noah Ighedosa.

Noah has an amazing sense of Civic Duty. Whether a student or a teacher, the fifth-grade student understands that every student has a responsibility to treat a Rancher well. His positive attitude, respect for others and willingness to help show his character. Recently, Noah made a point to chat with a student who was left out. When others seemed to ignore this particular student, Noah went out of his way to connect with kindness and appreciation. What an incredible leader!

“Noah makes everyone around him feel special,” Rutledge Elementary fifth-grade teacher Kathy Gehman said.

“He leads by example. A role model in a virtual classroom, Noah would give compliments to others. While in-person, he volunteers to take care of things for teachers and students. His polite, upbeat, engaging personality makes him a joy to be around!”

A huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Noah never rubbed in a win or a loss. In fact, during the fall, he would go so far as to give Ms. Gehman compliments on my favorite team, the New Orlean Saints. 

We’re not talking trash, LISD Super Kid Noah Ighedosa is such a treasure! Here We Go!