Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying The Leander Way!

Name: Lori Macias

Campus/Department: Block House Creek Elementary

Job Title: Special Education Instructional Assistant

Component of the Leander Way: Build

“Lori is one of Block House Creek’s brilliant instructional assistants. She makes sure that not only the special education classrooms are running smoothly, but takes extra time to make sure that staff have everything they need. She is always the first to volunteer to help out anyone in the school from the students and teachers, to the custodians and office staff.

Lori’s strength is her ability to build trust and relationships with anyone she works with. Students trust that she will help them through their challenges. Staff trust her to support every student in their classroom. She’s so passionate about anything she’s doing. She is confident. She makes the students, teachers, and visitors feel welcome and at home.”

-Jessica Jacobi, Block House Creek SPED Teacher

Jenny Runkel

Name: Jenny Runkel

Campus/Department: Rutledge Elementary

Job Title: Assistant Principal

Component of the Leander Way: Create

“Jenny exemplifies all three areas of the Leander Way by continually “Building” relationships with students, “Thinking” of procedures to further ensure student safety, and “Creating” a calm environment for all by projecting a reassuring light with her positive spirit and can-do attitude!  Jenny is the calm in any storm!”

-Kim Baumann, Rutledge Elementary Assistant Principal